Dating Changes Through The Years

Traditional dating of today has not been the same throughout the ages. Actually, there was a time when there was no dating. Instead the man would pick out what women he wanted and just take her.

Often men would go into villages and capture women until the medieval times when dating ideas started. Dating was considered an act of chivalry when men would open doors for women and purchase meals for her. It was in 1228 AD when marriage proposals began. The concept of dating and relationships started to have the modern concepts of love being involved start around 1830 AD.

It was during this time through the early 1900s that people would have cards printed with their names on them. It was part of the dating process that they would leave these cards at the location of the home of someone they were interesting in courting. When going through courtship there was also chaperons that were on dates with the couple or whenever the couple was together.

The process of courtship changed through the years is just part of it because there are dating traditions that differ from region to region. Couples in Afghanistan have arranged marriages and they seldom date while in Iran dating is not allowed. Parents introduce their boy or girl to a potential meeting once they are of marriage age. Until then boys and girls have no communication with one another including no dating. Dating does occur in for Japanese and Koreans, but it does not happen until college age. It is also true in China for dating to start when people are in their 20s. It is traditional in China for individuals to date no more than two people during the dating part of their life before getting married. Sometimes marriages in China are arranged.

When it comes to Kiev, shaking hands for women is not considered feminine. Therefore, woman will not even hold their dates hand and choose to grasp her date’s arm instead. An Australian dating tradition is that boys are asked out by girls and the girls pay for the date while teenagers in European countries go on group dates. When in Brazil dating lasts longer between a couple before marriage than in other places. When looking to Asian country singles are at home up to being married. Often a young couple will remain with parents during the early part of their marriage and maybe even on a long term basis as looking after the old parents is considered a duty.

With changing times, people and customs change and today, speed dating and online dating are in vogue.

Meet online, start dating and when you are comfortable, meet in person. That is the premise of the the current process of meeting your potential mate. Though every religion and country has different rules, online dating websites have changed the rules as it can b done privately and within the confines of the home or office, helping individuals with busy lifestyles a time to catch up socially.

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